Single Variety Co. Gift Set

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The perfect gift for any jam lover! Introducing a gorgeous hand-crafted gift boxes containing a selection of best-selling fruit preserves in new ‘medium sized’ jars (125g each). 

Maravilla Raspberry Preserve - Seriously Fruity

Seville Orange Marmalade - Traditionally Bittersweet

Passion Fruit Preserve - Tantalisingly Tropical

Ben Hope Blackcurrant Preserve - Tart & Fruity

Gift a little heat to your loved ones with a suave and classy hand crafted gift box, containing a selection of best-selling chilli jams in new ‘medium sized’ jars (125g each). 

Fireflame Chilli Jam- mild & sweet

Jalapeno Jam- hot & spicy

Lemon Drop Chilli Jam- fresh & very hot

Orange Habanero Chilli Jam- fruity & super hot!

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